The Greg Frewin Theatre – Niagara Falls, Ontario

Greg Frewin is a world class illusionist that has earned the respect of his peers, traveled the globe with his stunning stage show, and has won every major award in the world of magic. He’s the only magician ever to have won the Triple Crown, and recently was recognized as Magician of the Year.  He hobnobs with renowned illusionists like Criss Angel and Lance Burton, and gets hired for command performances, such as when he was invited to Monte Carlo to perform for Prince Rainier.

Yet, despite such grand accomplishments, Greg remains approachable; he’s sincere, entirely down to earth, and a real family man.  So, how does someone that impressive find a way to top themselves?  Well, for starters, they could open their own theatre.  And that’s exactly what Frewin has done.  Appropriately named The Greg Frewin Theatre, he’s taken his awe-inspiring show and plopped it into his own beautiful venue, located just above the commotion of Clifton Hill, in tourist-friendly Niagara Falls, Ontario.

Been Here Done That was given the chance to meet with Greg and his wonderful family.  Not only did we sit down for a long and pleasant chat, we were also treated to a fabulous buffet dinner at his theatre, and given choice seats for his phenomenal show.  It’s difficult to describe to readers what his stage performance entails, except to say that it’s an endless array of spectacular illusions that leave the audience with their mouths agape.

Backed by a music soundtrack that features a wide variety of artists and genres, Greg sets a silk scarf aflame and turns it into a beautiful Macaw parrot that takes flight over the theatre, repairs a shattered mirror with a wave of his hand, somehow manages to make the creamy filling of an Oreo cookie re-appear despite that its already been eaten, and transforms a shred of newspaper into snowflakes as he fans them over the crowd.  Yet, as astounding as all of this is, it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Two beautiful dancer/assistants aid in the majority of the tricks, as they are made to disappear in the blink of an eye, have their body parts rearranged inside a box, and magically morph into majestic tigers.  A duck named Chuck also makes an appearance, and though he vanishes from the box in which he’s originally placed, he turns up inside a bucket that was once empty and was left in the care of an audience member.

The illusions go on and on, each one more incredible than the one before it. But the most gripping and jaw-dropping of all is no doubt the grand finale, wherein Frewin is placed in a straightjacket and then inside a transparent box where he’s shackled several times around his neck.  Outside the box, poised at the top of a short track, is a cart with several knives and machetes attached, blades pointing forward.  While Frewin struggles to extricate his arms from the confines of the straight jacket, one of the female assistants breaks out a power tool and begins to grind away at the wire that holds the cart in place.  It’s obvious it won’t take long before she breaks through the wire, whereupon the blade-covered cart will bolt down the track and crash through the box, turning Frewin into a veritable shish-kabob in the process.  But just as it does, PRESTO… in a millisecond Frewin vanishes from view, re-emerges in the assistant’s place, and the assistant is now shackled inside the box.  Needless to say, the trick leaves the captivated audience all wide-eyed and wondering.

With a new school attitude towards a magic performance, heard in the soundtrack and seen in Frewin’s rock-inspired shirts, he’s completely comfortable on stage, and banters with the audience with a pleasing sense of humor.  It’s no wonder we felt completely at ease when Frewin ushered us backstage to view the show props, and interact with his tigers, particularly two 8-week old cubs that undoubtedly stole our hearts.

If you’re ever in the Niagara Falls area, there’s more to take in than just the roar of the falls.  There’s also the roar of Frewin’s tigers, and the pure awesomeness that dominates the dinner and show experience. You would be a fool to miss it.  But if for some reason you do, check your local paper often because Frewin frequently takes his show on the road.

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