Ten Hotel Room Hacks

When booking a standard hotel room, travellers count on finding clean bedding and a TV to watch to fresh towels and tiny shampoos. If you’re lucky, you might even find a coffee maker, mini fridge, and blow dryer.  But for routines that go beyond sleeping and grooming, a regular hotel room often falls short.

These hotel room hacks will help you transform your sleeping space into a place to keep up with your inbox, keep yourself looking good, and keep your kids safe and entertained.


1.  Turn your hotel room mug or water glass into a speaker simply by placing your cell phone side. Just remember to be mindful of your neighbors … and make sure it’s empty.

2.  If your charger got left behind during the packing rush, you can charge your USB device using the TV.

3.  Can’t wait to see your favorite shows? Stream shows to the hotel TV. If you don’t already own a Chromecast (or similar device), it might be worth it just for this — as long as the hotel room has Wi-Fi and the TV has an HDMI input, you can easily stream shows from your phone, tablet, or laptop. This is also handy for work trips — if your small screen isn’t cutting it, you can enlarge your work via the wireless streaming device.

4.  Some hotels are short on sockets, which can be problematic if when you have several devices to charge.  Solution— carry a small, three- or six-port mini power plug to maximize availability.

5.  When it’s nap time, sleep time or hungover time and the curtains don’t close all the way: connect the ends of each curtain with the clips found on the hangers inside the closet.  This creates instant blackout shades.

6.  Not many hotel rooms come equipped with a steamer, but you can create your own by turning up the hot water and closing off the bathroom. Hang a suit, dress, or whatever needs to be steamed in the bathroom (as close to the shower as possible, without getting it wet of course) and wait a few minutes to see the wrinkles disappear. Or, consider the hair dryer. If you don’t have time to steam up a bathroom, take the hotel hairdryer and hold really close to the shirt … move it up and down and it’s like an instant steamer!

7.  Some hotels are already equipped with child-friendly gear like cribs and outlet covers — just call ahead and they’ll set everything up before your arrival. For childproofing on the fly, a single roll of electric, masking or duct tape goes a long way. Use it to tape washcloths to sharp corners and keep drawers from closing on curious fingers.

8.  Have a wet swimsuit you don’t know what to do with? Not too keen on sticking dirty laundry back in your clean suitcase? Plastic bags found inside ice buckets and the dry-cleaning bags usually found within a drawer will be a saving grace.

9.  Put that plastic shower cap to good use. Cover your room service leftovers and pop them in the mini fridge so they stay fresh.

10.  Use the hotel sized conditioner for more than just your hair. Don’t underestimate this hair product, not only does it earn credit for keeping your locks smooth, it also can be used as a makeup remover, shaving cream, cuticle cream and more.



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